Book Journal Creations
Super stoked to see some of my bookbinding adventures come to life! I've been spending 2023 getting the prints I want for sale in order, and now I am getting my book journal(s) together! NOTHING has made me happier. I have my regular novel journal down, coming up is my graphic journal >: ) 
Layoffs and Laid Off
Seeing the tech industry, gaming industry, and animation industry face layoffs was hard to watch at the beginning of this year. This affected my own social circles and close friends and I loved having lunch time with other friends. But now that layoff wave has officially hit me too. My day job decided to do a reduction of force and that included me too. While there were a number of emotions I felt and that I am still feeling, I hope this slump coupled with rainy days ahead doesn't hurt my adventure and spirit soon. I hope on your side of the screen things are calmer and more manageable. 
I am currently looking for work! Please see my about page and contact page for a little background about me and feel free to reach out with any full time, freelance, or contract work. I look forward to what the next adventure brings soon. ❤️‍🩹
Back on the Bookbinding Beat
It has been such a long time since I have shown any new and interesting bookbinding milestones. I missed making journals and after last years "I need this printer because I swear---" funk, this was just a reason to need to keep the printer. (And not return the printer for the cry for control that it was HAHA!) I cannot WAIT for you to see the projects I have made for myself and in the investment I put into bookbinding and into making things because I want to and not because I feel like I have to have some kind of return investment 🕺🏽

May the waves in your life be ones you can handle and are proud to surf 🤙🏽🌊
Blessed Are Books On Shelves
No because for those of you who saw the chaos on Twitter that was "maintenance team came and decided to break things in my room..." Yeah. I finally replaced my bookshelves. No my rent company didn't pay for it, I did. I can't stand looking at my books on the floor anymore. And from this image you gotta admit, they look pretty damn good B)
Happy New Year My Fellow Surfers
I hope this year has something exciting coming our way! 
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